Day 2: Streets In Cairo: Meeting the Photography Explorer

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In Day 2 we spent most of the day in the Viennoise talking with the Danish photographers and artists. Had a great talk with Charlotte Haslund from Copenhagen. Her main activity is documentaries and art photography in several countries.

We talked about how photography exhibitions can expose details which are not noticed generally, giving feelings should be noticed more by people.

The Photography Explorer

Charlotte Haslund the explorer.

In one of her projects, Natives: the Danes, she tried to reverse the colonial point of view by displaying the Danes as if they are colonized natives.


I was amazed at how reversing stereotypes can do outstanding changes to the viewers mind.


In her visit to Palestine, she was trying to portrait how the world is seeing the Palestinian cause in the form of a and some photos. Many people are talking, but are the rest really listening?

You can know more about this amazing character here.

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