Translation and Beauty…

After I went to , I’m trying to expose myself to the music of different languages. Spanish and French mainly. From time to time I find songs with English version.

After listening to the English version, I still don’t find the beauty I feel in my heart when I listen to the original language. I may not understand every word, but the original language always reaches my heart, which is usually not the case with translated English versions.

If you don’t know, I’m . I edit translations from the English version to the Arabic one. I do this mainly for my interest to increase Arabic content on the web. I also see original posts in Spanish translated to English. In translations, I don’t see the beauty of the original language.

Originality has music, has a different taste, something you can enjoy, adds to your soul. If you can, learn as many languages as you can, to enjoy its originality.

2 Responses to Translation and Beauty…
  1. Gabriela Reply

    Sometimes, when translating a text, the translation is understandable but kind of loses the freshness the author wanted to express when writing his/her words.
    Anyway, it's the only way to make us understandable worldwide.

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Yea, something I think that translators should have literature degree so their translations get another kind of freshness!

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