Random thoughts…

Couples are young so they screw up a lot, their families are too old so they try to make their youngster do what they didn’t succeed in in their youth.


Sometimes you are so alone, so you go to a big tea party to be more lonely, so you try to get out to get back to yourself. It is like you are the box itself, you can’t go in, you can’t think out of it. You are stuck. The only solution is to burst yourself to survive.


Sometimes you try to mingle with the right people in the wrong time, sometimes with the wrong people in the right time, though both are always better than meeting the wrong people in the wrong time. This worst scenario must be experienced, but must be experienced once, and try as much as you can, never get into this again, and instead, wait, like a hunter, and just shoot. The right people..the right time, just be sure of being right and never care about what others think of. Did someone say that hell is the others?


All the talks, all the hypocrisy, you think someone cares, but the thing is, who cares, no body cares until you “earn” the attention. You can’t just get something because you deserve, you need to do the extra mile and earn it.


I just need to realize that no matter how less I sometimes do, that I should know when does less means less and when does less means more.


I need to practice to write myself out more often, to free myself of all the negativity filling my veins, all the negativity that I’m trying to bury for years and years.


I need to thank God for the gift of life, and all the other gifts I’m blessed with.

6 Responses to Random thoughts…
  1. Gabriela Reply

    If we only focus on what we lack, we'll only feel miserably. I try to focus on what I have instead. And I try to run the race looking ahead instead of both sides.
    I have to admit that's not an easy task at all.

  2. Rasha Reply

    That was beautiful, that was so well put and so well written…

  3. Mohamed ElGohary Reply


    You are totally right, this is what I do most of the time, but there are times when I just feel too gloomy that it is becomes too dark for me to realize all the bright things I have. It takes time then light shines again :)

  4. Mohamed ElGohary Reply


    Thank you :), I always love you writings too ;)

  5. nina Reply

    simply beautiful. thank you for making my morning… :)

  6. Mohamed ElGohary Reply


    You are most welcome :)

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