RIP old friend…

In the last few days I was informed that someone I knew, knew from a long time, committed suicide. A first time I ever encounter the fact that someone I knew committed suicide. I knew her for a few years back, a normal Egyptian girl, her father died in her early teenage. She told us (we were a group of friends in some online forum) about some issues she suffered with her family after her father death. I loved talking to her and reading her literature at that time, since she was some mature mind among a generation (or a neighbourhood, a circle … you name it) who only cared about the latest boy bands and chick flicks, the usual teenage gossip and stuff most teens do at their teenage. Yea I was/am that kind of nerd.Anyway, this friend disappeared for several months, no one of her friends able to contact her, just no one. Her mobile was on, never answered the phone calls, never answered the texts. So, people stopped caring one after another, until all of a sudden, she appeared in a new look, she got rid of (or ignored, depends on your position) many society restrictions, social wise and religion wise. I personally don’t have any issue with friends’ choices as long as they don’t affect me as a person, as long they don’t force their believes. Anyway, as any human noticing an old friend coming back to life, I tried to contact her again, but to my surprise, I was accused of only being curious about the changes. Offended and shocked, I kept my distance, not knowing what to do. I have this soft side for old friends, specially those friends who become close enough that you become comfortable enough to share your valuable privacy.

So from time to time I tried to make sure she was alright, getting surprised from time to time finding mutual friends from outside the online forum circle. Asking them about her and not being surprised that she is away from them as well. Until when I came to the moment I forgot about her that I suddenly know about her death, that she took her life, after three whole months of the incident. At that moment, I didn’t know how to feel, too shocked to feel anything. It is just like she disappeared again. It is just like I want to check on her again to find that nearly all of her recent traces deleted.

It is so damn shocking, a person like her whom I thought by her change that she was seeking some sort of freedom, freedom she didn’t have at her life, why now? Why after everything is changing at a very high pace? It is so shocking and sad, like a mountain trapping my heart. This never ending question, the question with no answer, added to many mysteries of life…

So after a few days of knowing what happened, I’m listening to this song that also came to my library few days ago, about a friend asking his fellow to remember remembering him, then asking to forget remembering him, with teary eyes, wishing that she knew that I considered her someone, a human, worth knowing. My name is a human…

RIP Walaa Emam

I will update this post with what I find of her online.
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  1. ChefUnderConsrtuction Reply

    I am sorry for your loss. Was this her blog?

  2. Mohamed ElGohary Reply


  3. Gabriela Reply

    I am sorry for your loss, Mohamed. How desperate must she been! Hopefully, those who loved her and cherish will remember her happy. May time help her family to recover.

  4. Engi Reply

    RIP 'Still Breathing' ..

  5. Anonymous Reply

    RIP, Still Breathing ..

  6. Ahmed Negm Reply

    la 7awl wala qowa ella bellah..
    rabbena yatawalaha bera7meto

  7. Anonymous Reply

    she is no longer breathing =(

  8. Shams Reply

    =( u said exactly wht was on my mind ya gohary…thnx for riting it rabena yer7mha ya rab

  9. Ali Reply

    Rest in peace, ''Still Breathing''.

    May Allah have mercy on your soul.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I knew her too not for too long you cant believe how shocked i was when i heard that i felt….unable no better say paralyzed feeling that how come i didn't notice anything why didn't i try to keep up with everything such a burden i felt after i knew the news even so i know i wouldn't have been able to save her but still its still there in the middle of my throat like a block that wouldn't move

  11. n Reply

    … she raised so many questions that i cant settle..

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