The moment? Or your past, future and legacy?

There are many times in life, you ask yourself, is it really worth it?You ask this when you see someone die, when you see the outcome of an aweful bloody struggle. When your passion for something just dries up. When your passion for someone just dries up. When you suffer neglect after giving away so much. When you suffer betrayal after giving away so much. When you are in the dark for so long that you forget the mere existence of light, that when someone mentions it you can’t even recognize the meaning.

I’ve been told, when you are old, you always see the past you left behind your back.
You wish you have the faintest slight of hope, that you put something in your sack
of life…

A moment of might, a moment of glory, a moment when you can turn your children your story,
The story is your life, a full life, a life where you fought to be free,

But again, is it worth it? Do you pay all your life for just a story? A story that, in best scenarios, will be forgotten after a hundred years, maybe much less.

Whoever who might come here and read these words, do you prefer to live the moment? Or just worry for your past, for your future, for your legacy?

Replies are highly appreicated