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If you have a passion for arts, and you are looking for a place to nurture this passion, then The Workshops in Maadi is perhaps the best place to go. Learning in an interactive and amusing environment is what The Workshops offers. Indeed, the management of The Workshops believes that education has to be fun, and that for education to be productive and enjoyable, instructors must actively engage students in a two-way, dynamic educational process.

So, in contrast to traditional “courses” that rely basically on lectures and note-taking, which many find boring and disengaging, The Workshops has embraced a much more interesting and captivating concept. Workshops are designed so that students engage with their instructors in an interactive learning process from the very first session. This approach enhances the imagination of students, stimulates their enthusiasm and unleashes their full capabilities. Relying on practical and dynamic, round-table projects, this approach enables students to learn quicker, develop their skills faster and take more pleasure in attending the sessions.

The Workshops was established in October 2012 with one clear purpose in mind: helping people pursue their passions in art, music and culture, as well as develop their personal and business skills. The owners of The Workshops have always had a penchant for art and culture. They sought to translate this passion into a project that helps people pursue their own passions and adds a sense of delight and liveliness to their often dull lives.

The Workshops provides a wide range of workshops on a regular basis. Workshops in piano, guitar, violin, oud, Nai, (all of which include learning music notes), creative writing, scriptwriting, photography, interior design, drawing, mosaic, jewelry-making, fashion making, calligraphy, crafts, architectural design and many more interesting skill trainings are all available at the Workshops.

Moreover, the place also offers workshops that aim at enhancing personal soft skills, such as communication skills, networking, and time management. The Workshops also hosts various kinds of cultural activities, such as book discussions, book-signing events, poetry reading events and talent shows. The movie nights (held every Thursday evening) screens superb international movies carefully selected to entertain film lovers. The month of May was dedicated to Oscar-winning movies. Moreover, the Workshops sells newly-released books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Whatever your interests are, you will most probably find something that suits your taste and fulfills your passion. Or, after a long tiring day, you can relax in the cozy garden area, as you enjoy The Workshops’ unique collection of music and your favorite beverage and snack. The high-speed internet connection is free for all visitors. Alternatively, you can pick a book or novel from the shelves of The Workshops and indulge in a mode of relaxed reading.

The Workshops is certainly not just a profit-seeking venture. On top of the center’s agenda is to serve the community, to help its members appreciate every form of artistic expression and also to make them indulge themselves in cultural activities. The place was born on the basis of the owners’ belief that our society cannot flourish and advance politically and economically in the absence of a vibrant cultural movement. Nietzsche once said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Indeed, one can expand his famous quote to argue that, on a more general level, ‘without art, life would be a mistake.’ This is particularly important in Egypt today, as political conflicts and ideological cleavages are taking their toll on Egyptians’ lives. The Workshops provides a healthy breathing space for Egyptians, who need a break away from the suffocating political atmosphere to the enriching and exhilarating fields of art and music.

Many of the activities and events organized by the Workshops are offered for free and are open for all, including movie screenings, book discussions, poetry nights and various workshops. The Workshops has also organized several charitable events over the past few months.

A great advantage is that workshops could be customized in order to cater to your subject and time preferences. So if the kind of workshop you are looking for is not currently offered there, simply suggest it to their friendly and welcoming team and they will do their best to offer it at the soonest possible. By the same token, instructors who have expertise and experience in any culture-related or self-development field can contact The Workshops and become part of its fast-growing team.

Indeed, The Workshops is always open to new ideas and fresh initiatives. As Rasha Abo Elsoud, the founder and General Manager, points out:

“We don’t work in isolation from society and from the community of artists and art lovers. If anybody comes to us with a proposal, suggestion or idea, we take it seriously into consideration and try to transform it into reality.”

Mohamed ElGohary, co-founder, concurs:

“Indeed, some of the workshops and services we provide came to life this way. Feedback is essential for us, and we encourage everybody to keep it flowing.”

Nael Shama, business partner, stresses that

“interaction is the lifeblood of this place: instructors interact with students, and we, the managers, interact with both instructors and students to enhance our services.”

The Workshops constantly adds new activities and workshops to their agenda. It’s therefore a good idea to follow their Facebook page to stay tuned for updates and new announcements.

In brief, The Workshops is a great learning center for all ages. Whether you seek to learn a new musical instrument, enhance your drawing skills or learn a new craft or hobby, you can purse that at The Workshops in an enjoyable setting, using innovate teaching techniques and with the help of professional and friendly instructors.

The Workshops
6 Street 4, Maadi, Cairo.
Tel: 01004777809, 23582150

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