Support This Unique Teen Approach Towards Alternative Education

My friend and Global Voices colleague, Danica Radisic, has an amazing son. His name is Vuk Višnjić, You can know more about him here. He has been interested and active in pushing for alternative education and educational reform for a couple of years now. Since his 11th birthday in 2010, he has been working to open a non-government organization that would not only promote alternative education and educational reform, but that would provide alternative education for kids, teens and youth  in Belgrade.
He turned 14 in December and is now legally able to be the founder of this NGO himself. He and his mom just filed the papers for it and expect to be registered next week.
Vuk seems to understand the magnitude of the undertaking he has just imposed to himself. Oddly enough, the fact that he will have a full-time job with this every day after school only seems to amp him up more.
To make a long story short, they have started a crowdfunding campaign with Vuk and his friends to try to raise the hefty amount necessary just to open a youth center of this type. I am writing now to ask you to please spread the information as far and widely as the Internet and your personal connections will allow you. The more shares the campaign gets, the more likely it is to be featured globally by Indiegogo, which will certainly help in raising funds.
I’m exceptionally enthusiastic for this project as it coincides with The Workshops mission. So here’s the link, please share and RT and do let them know what you think:

Replies are highly appreicated