I Support #CharlieHebdo

Murder is murder, whatever the act that “provoked” it. If murder of journalists by Muslims is justified, then the murder of Muslims and non-white by other entities is justified. No murder should be justified. The context that we should not provoke salafists / jihadists /fundamentalists in order to avoid the consequences is invalid, because they will eventually find a reason to feel provoked. Conservatism lead to more conservatism, however much it is avoided.
As I come across the very on going conversation of wearing/taking off hijab and niqab here in Egypt, I believe wearing and taking-off should be considered more freedom of choice, and just freedom of choice. Hijab and niqab should not be a symbol, because being a symbol is the problem. Wearing them is just a choice, and should be enforced as a choice. Incrimination should be only directed to enforcing wearing, or taking them off.

Replies are highly appreicated