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Socialists Day and Tax-collectors protestsٍ

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From Nora Younis (Arabic)

Todays protest for tax-collectors was cancelled under the effect of this offer after a long discussion between State Security, Minister of Finance and the tax-collectors leaders:

1. Two months would be paid before the coming Eid (before the next Sunday and Monday)

2. The minister would meet with a committee from the protestors just after the Eid (23 and 24 December) to manage the bonuses for the tax-collectors.

3. Today a conference is to be held for the heads of the tax-collectors authorities with the attendance of the minister and a cimmittee from the protestors. The minister is to announce the points of the deal to all of them.

4. No protestor would be punished or harrassed by the security forces or by the management.

5. All the strike days must be considered working days.

Slogans vs Reality

العلم يبني بيوت لا عماد لها، والجهل يهدم بيت العز والشرف

“Science makes homes even if it had no base, while ignorance destroy the rich and honourable house.

Credits for the pic: IRC President

What Kind of blog is this

I got this tag from Rasha, she has a great blog :).

The Questions:

1- What kind of blog is your blog (Cat, Boss or Viral blog)? refer to this post for the definitions.

My blogging was always Viral, this is because I always prefer 1 to 1 ways of communication in general. IM is the most preferable for me to be specific.

2- Out of the 111.2 million blogs in the blogosphere, what makes a blog stand out ?

What makes it standing is how your advertise it, the more ways your advertise for, the more readers you will get (which is natural I guess), and you will have at least 0.1% of those people who will become a constant readers. (God bless Google monitoring tools)

3- What, in your opinion, makes YOUR blog stand out? Why should we read your blog?

Post more material on Human Rights crisis in Egypt, but what is most important, supporting it with material.
Also refer to question 2.

The Rules:

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And I tag Nisho, Tarek, and Dev.


From Arabist

International Campaign against Zionist and American Occupation

Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum, 27-30 March 2008
Declaration of principles
For National and Individual Liberation
In support of resistance to the Zionist/American Project
Against Zionism and Imperialism
Against despotism and oppression
Against exploitation and corruption

The political forces, popular committees, civil society organizations, and independent personalities, of the Egyptian Organizing Committee of the Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum, declare the following principles as the fundamental basis for the Conference and Forum, and invite all concerned political and popular forces, organizations and independent personalities, in Egypt, the Arab World and the world at large, who share these principles, to participate in the planning and organization of the Conference and Forum.
• Absolute opposition to Zionism being a racist movement and an imperialist settler project while simultaneously rejecting anti-Semitism and all forms of religious or racist oppression, in particular Islamophobia. This entails support to the Palestinians’ right of return and rejection of all forms of normal relationships with the Zionist entity in Palestine and all organizations and persons representing it.
• Categorical opposition to all forms of neo imperialism, the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the threats of war against Syria and Iran, and all form of imperialist policies aimed at imposing imperialist projects on Arab as well as other peoples with the purpose of exploiting them and plundering their wealth. Also rejecting Islam phobia and the oppression of Moslems anywhere under the pretext of the war on terrorism.
• Unconditional support to all forms of resistance to imperialism and Zionism in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan, as well as everywhere else in the world.
1. Providing Absolute support to armed struggle of resistance forces to liberate people from imperialism and Zionism.
2. Striving towards uniting resistance forces, to devote all their capabilities to the fight against imperialism and Zionism.
• Opposition to globalisation policies that aim at exploiting the poor of the world by multinationals, and associated distortion of indigenous cultures through westernization/ Americanization of values and modes of behavior. Linking the struggles against imperialist wars and Zionist oppression on one hand and fighting savage globalisation and multinationals on the other, with the purpose of liberating humanity from all forms of exploitation and oppression.
• Linking the struggle of Arab peoples for freedom and democracy with their struggle against imperialism and Zionism. Through revealing the connection between despotic regimes in Arab countries that prolong their reign through oppression and corruption, and imperialism as the main supporter of despotism in Arab countries. Thus affirming that imperialism and despotism is one and the same enemy of liberation of humanity. Hence, the fight for democracy is at the same time a struggle for liberation.
• That the struggle for social Justice, including redistribution of wealth in favor of the poor, and against Corruption is a main part of the battle for democracy and liberation and a guarantee that these struggles serve the interests of the hundreds of millions of poor Arabs.
• Opposing decisively all forms of discrimination and oppression on the basis of religion, sex, or ethnic origin in the Arab world, and throughout the world. Hence, affirming that the battle for the liberation of women and all religious and ethnic minorities from all forms of discrimination and oppression is an integral element of the struggle for democracy and liberation.
• Categorical rejection of all forms of political oppression and fighting for the total respect of civil and political liberties, foremost among which are the key freedoms of opinion, expression and association (peaceful assembly and organisation in civil and political society) in the Arab countries and throughout the world.
• Combating decisively the crime of torture under whatever pretext or cover and struggling to refer perpetrators of torture to fair trails as crimes that never become obsolete.
Al-Karamah Party; The Muslim Brotherhood; Al-Wasat party, Al-A’mal party; The Revolutionary Socialists’ Organisation; Arab and African Research Centre, al-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, Egyptian Association for Combating Torture; Egyptian General Committee for Boycotting Israel and the US; the South Group for Culture and Development; Hisham Mubarak’s Centre for Law; Centre for the Freedom of Thought and Expression; Arab Network for Human Rights Information; Egyptian Movement for Change (Kefaya); Popular Association for the Protection of Citizens from Unfair Taxation and Corruption.

In alphabetical order:
Abo Elela Mady- Ahmed Elsawy- Ahmed Bahaa Shaa’ban- Ahmed Darrag- Ahmed Ramy- Ahmed Sief Hamad- Ahmed Abd Allah- Elsayed Elghadban- Amany Abo Elfadl- Amin Eskander- Amina Rashid- Eman Yehia- Bahaa Taher- Gamal Zahran- Gamal Fahmy- George Eshak- George Agayby- Hosam E’ssa- Hasanin Kishk- Helmy Sha’rawy- Hamdi Ahmed- Hamdeen Sabahy- Khaled Elsawy- Rabab Elmahdy- Radwa A’shor- Rafik Habib- Ra’of Abbas- Salem Sallam- Sameh Nagieb- Sa’ad Elkatatny- Sa’ad A’boud- Samir Amin- Samir Morcos- Sayed Elbahrawy- Sayed Abd Elghany- Shahenda Mekled- Shahida Elbaz- Saber A’mmar- Safaa Elsawy- Salah Eldosoky- Sona’ Allah Ebrahim- Tarek Elnabarawy- Tala’at Gad Allah- A’sem Eldosoky- A’ida Saif Eldawla- Abd Elglil Mostafa- Abd Elhalim Kandil- Abd Elkhalek Farouk- Abd Elhamid Barakat- Abd Ela’l Elbakoury- Abd Elaziz Elhosieny- Abd Elaziz Makhyoun- Abd Ela’zim Elmaghraby- Abd Elghafar Shokr- Abd Elfatah Rizk- Abd Elmone’m Abo Elfotoh- Abd Elwahab Elmisery- Ali Abd Elfattah- Amr Farouk- Awatef Abd Elrahman- Fardia Elshobashy- Karima Elhefnawy- Kamal Abo E’ttah- Kamal Khalil- Kamal Zakher- Magda A’dly- Magdy Elmaa’sarawy- Magdy Hussin- Magdy korkor- Mohamed Abo Elghar- Mohamed Elashkar- Mohamed Elsa’eid Edris- Mohamed Habib- Mohamed Silim Elawwa- Mohamed Sharaf- Mohamed Morsi- Mohamed Mounib- Mokhtar Nouh- Madiha Doss- Mostafa Elgammal- Montaser Elzayat- Hany A’yyad- Heba Ra’ouf- Wafaa Elmasry- Yehia Elkazzaz- Yehia Hussin- Yehia Fikry- Yehia Kallash

Coordinator, Conference: M. Samy Coordinator, Forum: Nader A. Fergany
Executive director: Nivin Samir
Email: cairoconference4 [at] yahoo [dot] com, Cell Phone: +2-012-356-7772

Photos from the 2007 Cairo Anti-War Conference could be found here…

Intelligence – Justice – Freedom

The Ultimate three factors for any righteous leader in any society to be the ultimate hero in any country. How to be intelligent enough to understand, and obviously to judge, what is going on around him. To apply justice on what he understand to know what is the right action and what is the right reaction. And to be free to do what he intends to do.

These words are not just words, they are perspectives. In an oppressed country like Egypt, there are general aims, general goals. There is no need to apply rational judgements and opinions on them, they are clear. The target is treating the human as a human being, not as a slave or a part of a motor creating the same image on and on again. The same idiot, hypocrite, and numb image who is supposed to eat, drink, have children and die.

When you are Free to use your Intelligence to apply Justice, it will be obvious that oppression, intolerance, and other evil actions always lead to negative results.

Free your way of thinking, let it be justifiable, and most important of all, don’t be an idiot.

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