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Open mindness (Yea, Kinda true :P)

You Are 64% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you’re also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
You’re open to considering every possibility -- but in the end, you stand true to yourself.


Yesterday I went to the Culture wheel to attend a concert to some Arabic rock band called ElSohbageya, meaning in Arabic being friends or something near to it. The band is formed from Hamed, Kelma, ElSadgh and the others. I met several bloggers like Still Breathing and Maat and others. It was really nice, though I liked the music better. The sound system of the Wheel sucks as usual, I wish if they are ever better. Also the voice of Ibtihal who came for a small part of the concert was really great, the sound system made her voice so slow that it was hardly listened.

Anyway, I thought it was held at 7 in the first place so I was kinda early, I was supposed to meet a friend at downtown at 6:30 (I found out after that it was at 8), the thing is that friend came along at 7:30. The band was cool after all (though I’m not a big fan of Arabic music). I was really astonished to know that the Wheel always claimed a less number of tickets in order to raise their profits (not giving the band their rights), too bad really for an important place like this.

This reminds of how our Mr. Clean (Nazif) would always play with the economical reports to say that we are the best country in the world and that all the idiots in the world send their money to us as investments. While the country is grasping for spending the money in its right locations.
Always the Wheel had faults in the system or in the light, I guess if they had a better system and had a larger stage, it would make a really far respected name for bands. We go again on money spending and so.

Anyway, I guess next event if so much bloggers are coming then there must be a way to tell. :D
Longing for the next event…

Five things no one knows about me.

A tag from قلم جاف and here come five things that no one knows about me:

1. I usually go out alone, finding all those on my list usually busy

2. I don’t like watching football, though I follow from time to time the most important Egyptian victories and other wise, too much time wasted on watching matches, movies are better :P

Thanks Heba for inspiration for this point. :P

3. This blog is not my original first blog, and it was not intended to be personal when first made.

4. I hate hotmail so much, and I hate using hotmail accounts with MSN messenger

5. I’m a right wing supporter.

6. My main reading priorities are politics, history, and sociopolitics


And since this is the first time I respond to a tag, so the tag will be passed to anyone who read :)

The family – Bringing up – Development

The family is an important factor in building the child and preparing him/her for the exposure to the outer world, though not the most important factor overall. But it is the most important role in the period when the family are the only experience the child should get.

When a baby is born, every feeling, every action, everything happen from the moment of birth, is translated to a trace in building the character, be it positive or negative. When we realize this perspective, we find the family in a very critical situation. Specially when we put several factors which the family usually want ( I’m talking about the Egyptian family). The child must always obey their parents in everyway, usually without considering the child’s need. Eat more, eat less, go out a little, don’t go out with this, with that, to all this commands. These commands are usually for preventing the feeling of guilt towards their children. They want to feel towards themselves that they were the perfect parents, which usually results in the complete opposite. Why do we see many phenomena spreading like fire in the wood in our society. Triviality, fear, negativity, whatsoever.

We always claim that the youth are the hope of the nation, well this is something you don’t need to prove in a society with more than its half under 15 years old, it makes me laugh really. The problem is: they always TALK about it. WHERE ARE THE ACTIONS?

Parents do what they think they are supposed to do, they try to raise their children like their own way or the complete opposite way without considering that every child is a case, every child has its feelings, its character.

A child wants to do something or don’t want to do something. The parent usually concentrate on achieving doing or not doing, while not paying any kind of attention to what does this something aim to. Leading to negative decisions, whatever the intention of the parents were. These negative decisions can be very dangerous or applying fruitful stress, but you can’t predict. Why can’t we make the probabilities of building a better character higher.

Be nearer to your children, try to be the best for them, not always by money, understanding them will mean the most for them. Do this not only for your children, but for your nation, for your development.

“And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? It needs hope.” Says V.

Fabricating the manifestation!!

Those news IRC^President discussed with us yesterday made me wonder..
And the news were…the police arrested a lady presenter from aljazeera channel with fifty fabricated videos regarding the awful tortures that take place in the Egyptian police stations and jails..
IRC..and the rest of us smelled something fishy..yeah..stink!!!
Why video tapes??? Why not DVDs??? Why didn’t she just smuggle them through the net??!
We’ve grown to think doubtfully of our media and our forces..and that’s a fact..simply because they are not trust worthy..
But cuts both ways..just like a knife that cuts both ways..oops..what brought this song to mind now:D..never mind Gloria estefan:P
O.k..If media can fabricate such material..would it be justified if they did it to manifest an ugly fact that really happens in police stations and jails but this nastiness never broke it’s way to the light..never been exposed!!?
Or the fabrication is from the government to cover up their scandalous behaviour that rotten ed the air when many many proofs of their misconduct is being shown now on blogs,tv channels and around the net every where in the world.?
A funny thing happened last night..i was talking to some big shot relative of mine who works in the ministry of interior affairs..and i slammed him with the videos..and he said the most dumb thing i’ve ever heard..
“So what? There is Guantanamo!!!”
Shame on you!!!

Get away with it..

If you’re one of them…you can get away with it easily ;)
Them…stand for …them…you know!!
And it…stands for any thing from a parking ticket that will be torn to pieces…up to any hit and run accident…
Wanna live that free…guiltless…powerfully?? Simple… If your dad is not one of them…you can!!
Join the academy…or any of their forces and starting your first year there you’ll be having some influence around their departments…
See how simple it is…
ohhh…can’t pass the physical? too short?? Something else?? I have a solution for that…get yourself hooked with one of their girls…but shoot high…let her be the daughter of some big shot captain or something…
I gave you all the tips…
Will you take care of my driver’s case?? you know…the drugs weren’t his!!
you will? :D..
Thanks :)


How many times did you see that you were put under the same old situation of injustice? Did you get your rights back? Did you fight for it?
Of course you can see how our beloved country is full of injustice, humiliation, etc etc etc… What makes it worse, is that the source of power is the source of injustice. How to stand in front of the sea of unjust power, the government of criminals. Negativity, people living for living, accepting physical and mental violence in every aspect of life, as though this injustice is inevitable. People fear. You always lock your door after you get in, from fear. Fear is inevitable as a feeling. And can think: does this feeling of fear prevent what we fear? Or does usually the opposite occurs? So…what about facing this fear? Does this eliminate this fear feeling? And consequently what we fear for…
People who fear death, die every day. Those who face it, die once, and they die peacefully. May God protect us…

Just DO it.

No, I’m not advertising for Nike’s new trendy sneaker but this is a push for those who stand still when the signs turn green…

Haven’t we all had moments of these? Hesitations, fear of failure, the first step phobia, having a lot in mind but don’t know how to apply it, seeking courage & motivation, having a cold feet?!! Even the most successful people went through moments like these, some of them broke through that phase and just hit the road, some stood still thinking what to do, some didn’t believe in themselves good enough and some just neglected the whole thing and some didn’t even have the will to stick to some thought of his/her own and choose to follow the crowd stand when they stand, run the way the crowd runs saying in their comfort zone safe and numb. Denial is the sneaky evil that can take all over you, keeping you in your bubble prison. Thinking you are gonna rock the world but you are only waiting for the right time. Even though those people who always have the guts to dive in and take the risk, sometimes they back off, get haunted by fear, fear of making mistakes, fear of the future, fear of consciousness. As youth we have so many trapped thought hope dreams ideas and ENERGEY it almost keeps kick boxing us from inside out to see the light, yes life is tough its never that easy there are some common fatal mistakes that we do and in order to solve them we have to underline them, analyze them, and try to find a suitable solution. First let’s look at the main common traps we get ourselves into.

-- The yellow lamp trick.

I mean it’s that bright thought that comes out no where with the most exciting idea; actually some people get tricked by the brightness of the idea and skip the possibilities and the requirements to make it come to live. skipping the logical thinking of HOW to get it done, WHAT can and cant be done, WHEN is the right time to do it, WHERE can you start, WHO can help you. All these questions help you to take it to the next level. But commonly we get excited about the first rush of the thought and don’t think about how to apply it which leads to the second mistake.

-Smiling in sarcasm.

Believing less in yourself, or in circumstances that are ahead. Circumstances never end and if you don’t believe in yourself a little bit then you’ll never achieve anything in this life. so many brilliant people I know had and have brilliant ideas but sadly they shrug their shoulders and smile in sarcasm thinking its on a daydream and in real life you only have to do what is usually to be done not how they want it to be done.

-- Jumping before leaning

The sweetness of the moment, getting started right away without taking good time to plan and to calculate how and when or who, and the chances of failing or succeeding, I know its a matter of god’s willing but without taking the chances of failing and succeeding into consideration, it will turn out like it did to sooo many youth, I know, you know and that it will turn like that epic story we all heard of, some friends gathered together to make some cool project, and as soon as they begin, everything crashes down, they fail like no one else have and just sit and wonder why in the world did that happen? why are we always followed by bad luck, the mistake here was that they found a good project, they had they money, they had the place and they had their hungry will, but they just jumped in without leaning and looking what’s in there. they didn’t know anything about the project they started, no experience, I mean they didn’t ask someone in the field and take his/her opinion about how to start and how to plan it right so it can go on even if the going got tough.

-- Planning too much.

Nothing works without a good plan, yeah I’ve just mentioned it earlier, but I’ve been suffering myself from this one, I get too excited, I plan and I plan, and I take it further until the small little plan I could start achieving become a high-rise building (not a sand-castle, u know the technology changed even the metaphor in our language) so I find myself not capable of doing anything, it got so difficult for me because it wasn’t simple as it started, I just made it got bigger and bigger ,more than I can handle so I end up empty handed, no dear no will, no nothing I could do. Start small, and then grow up. believe me it works in the long run it wont tire you going on, because normally things get more big and u face more obstacles as u go on, but if u started big, weather you wont be able to even start or force yourself and then get tired right away. And the result is same!


You know as a reader I always thought that people who write (though I write as well) they give me some lecture about what they see right and what they think you should do. Meaning “lecturing” me, though I never did that in any article I wrote, all were my very personal and other close people’s experience. not saying I know better, I strongly believe in the saying “what fits one should, doesn’t fit another” but we are human beings, we think same and act same about some stuff, that’s what I am talking about, so why am I saying this now? Because when I started this topic, I wanted to talk about one critical issue not to me but to all youth, I want to be a better me as anyone I know.


When I started this topic I needed to give you this entire message. Just follow your dream whatever it takes, just DO what u want to, don’t delay it for later, and try to avoid falling into the tricks that may crash our dreams away. delaying is the most dangerous one that’s what I believe, the more you delay the more your ambitious will fade by time and the more you delay the more life take you from what you most wanted, till you suddenly find yourself one day without a dream without an aim u desire to do, and u stop and think “don’t I have some dream something I always loved to do”, we forget by time. What we should do is to always be awake, be ready to do what we want to, never delay. and don’t do like I did when I wanted to write about this article and wrote half of it and now I am trying to get back on track after one month and tell you “don’t delay”.. That’s sarcastic ha? But people make mistakes. And we are all here to learn. Aren’t we?

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