Anger everywhere. Anger here and there. Always anger and there is no one to care. Anger in my opinion is one of the most primitive spontanuous way of expressing existed since day one. Angry sometimes can be right or wrong…But let’s take some different angle…Many people discuss anger as something negative, something will affect your body, your mood, etc etc etc…while if you reanalyze it from a different angle…you can begin to consider how people usually talk about things from only one-side only…
Some people get angry for wrong reasons, some for right ones, some are just violent by their own nature…you know…if you ever tried to enter a queue for a paper you want for your personal ID for example, or even worse, try to get a 2 LE from the 5 pt bread at the local bakery in your area. At least you can witness one of these incidents in the everyday life.
Anger can take several ways of evolution, for example, someone takes your place by his strength, his “wasta”, money, or whatever…of course this someone will be burning from inside. But tell me, does it usually happen that this angry person will transfer these supposed negative feelings of inside anger to positive actions to get their right back? In our Egyptian Society, and myself sometimes, this usually never happens. On the contrary, these negative feelings become enormous inside the human being untill it really cause the side-effects we were talking about in the one-sided point of view.
This state of being angry, the positive side of being angry, which is really very rare, or I can say, hideous in our Egyptian Society, can have two separate side-effects in my opinion:
1. Forcing the people to never give their rights up under ANY slogan, esp. that Egyptians many times utilize religious principles in the very wrong (or opposite) ways. And this way will be the peace leading way of developing of some of the terrible aspects in Egyptian life.
2. Increasing and increasing the feelings of supressed and anger (and/or humiliation) which can lead to really dangerous effects (as you can see from the egyptian economic scene today)

Anonymous: “The truth shall make you free, but first it shall make you angry.”

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