The detained blogger Alaa Seif is out, and WORLD reactions to it.

Alaa Seif, an Egyptian blogger which was detained a month ago for blogging against the government, was released.

Here are some non-Egyptian comments from his blog, i’m posting this to let the readers know how can paying the price of liberty be really rewarding within this short time.


I am so happy you are home with Manal now
I was going to say free but I am not sure you will ever be free again unless this regime is toppled.
Your journey has been an arduous one but thanks to Hosny Mubarak you have had the chance to grow emotionally and learn about human nature the warmth and care for you of the people around the world, you have learned about your own strenght of character and now it seems that your future path has been carved out for you too
You might not have choosen it but you have become not only to me but I know to many around the world the symbol of resistance in Egypt A true Hero !
An Internet warrior fighting with words, words which are taking effect and eventually will conquer, it is the beginning of the end of Mubarak regime’s hold on the people of Egypt and he knows it.
I would like to alert as many people as possible its a campain from Amnesty International Add irrepressible content to your site
If you have a website or blog, help us spread the word and undermine unwarranted censorship by publishing censored material from our database directly onto your site.
The more people take part the more we show that freedom of expression cannot be repressed.
Simply follow these 3 easy steps see website


Dear friend Alaa,
I respect greatly what you are trying to accomplish in Egypt. I know what you’re going through now and I pray that you stay strong even during these hard times.
I live in Serbia (a part of ex-Yugoslavia) and I have seen terrible things here under our own dictator, Slobodan Milosevic. After practically succeeding another dictator, Tito, Milosevic visciously attacked any sign of opposition and many people were imprisoned or lost their lives during the ’90s just because they thought differently.
Even though we fought against him with civil disobedience acts and protests, it seemed that his rule would never end and that all of us who lived in Serbia would stay imprisoned within our own country for many generations to come, devoid of any liberties and rights. However, it was not to be. In 2000, when it looked he is the strongest so far, we finally toppled Milosevic and ended his reign of terror and lies once and for all.
My advice for you is to keep faith, bide your time and know that you are not alone. My advice for your friends and relatives is to spread the word and educate people of Egypt whenever possible, so that they would know that a better future can be achieved.
Don’t grieve -- I know in my heart that a better, brighter future is waiting for you and your people.
Friendship and support from Serbia,


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