Paradigm Shifting to “Paradigm Shifters”.

Dear All Paradigm Shifters,

We, all know that Paradigm Shift, meant something for us, something special, just looking back and see how each one became a member of this club, TeenStuff, Nirvana, Bassem Sabry..
it was like a long time ago, we started with big rush, big dreams, and we tried to do ou best to make our effort come to light.. but sadly it didn’t.

I’m writing this not to point at, “Who’s fault”, that was, who’s responsible, is it Bassem becasue he didnt support us good enough!, or is it TeenStuff that who didn’t really took us seriously!, or is it us!!!, We couldnt get it right, we lacked something.. didnt we?
To say what went wrong and who’s fault for the club failure, is way too wrong to begin our reviving start with, for so many reasons, most important, that we all know quite well, how hard we all tried to make this work, all the meetings, and writting stuff, wether individualy or in groups, trying everything we can, while we were busy we cared still, we gave our time and our effort and full commitment to the club… didn’t we?

We are not to blame, we are like a student who studied hard all year long, and when he was to set for the exam, anxious and ready to kick it off, they told him that the exam is canceled, the subject he studied doesn’t exist anymore..
All what he did was zero, nothing in the air..
But looking at it from a different angle, it wasn’t the student fault, he studied hard, he did what it takes, but something went wrong, something out of hands, its so frustrating, but to sit down and think of it for a while, he didn’t lose anything. He gained all the information & knowlegde he studied, he knew some good teachers, teaching him that subject, and he knew deep within him, he knew quite well, about his ablities and standards, he just wanted to take it to the final level, the exam, but does it really matter, when you know the lesson is already learnt?!!

Despite of the depression and frustration, we gained, in the other hand, we knew eachother well, we became close friends, we succeeded in team work, weather TeenStuff published it or not, (tho it did to some of our articles), each one really knew what “paradigm-shift” is.

Unlike I was thinking, in some point I thought that all of that will get us no where, but I was wrong, we still have our passion to change oursleves and change others, and this experience we had should make us stronger, we all have those non stop ideas.. dont we..

And after all, if its not us then who will..” Be the change we wish to see in the world” .

Replies are highly appreicated