Commitment. Part Two.

Commitment to Fellow Human Beings

This kind of commitment maybe named as love, care, friendship, or even social responsibility. In other words, the world of human “important” relations. The problem is, the matter is about give and take. You give, you take, others give, others take. Sometimes you reach the limit that you think you don’t take what you think you deserve. Is this positive or negative? Maybe it depends on the situation itself. I really don’t know.
Sometimes you are obliged to give, without expecting any return. This requires a giving personality. You turn yourself to a volunteer to a goal whick you think that it deserves giving. This is good as a whole in charity work specifically. But, what about other places in which you give for mere entertainment. Like a club, a community of CDs rights for not to be damaged, etc etc etc. (I meant trivial activities by the last example). You pay your time, money and nerves to be in the center of attention of the people you want to be surround with. To boost your ego for example, or to lessen your lack of being noticed, or whatever psychological need.

You find yourself in the end out of the center of attention, for many factors, especially the factor of change. You see your goal as being in the center of attention falling apart. You think low of yourself. Then comes the Great Depression (referring to the USSR fall down lol). Then you begin to ask yourself, was it worth it? Is this loss for no return?

Here comes the idea of reviewing and trying to fix the problems we realize. And before it, realizing the problem in the first place, because many times you don’t realize that there is a problem until it is too late, like most of the medical cases in our Beloved Egypt. Always realize, review, and solve. Never stop trying.

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