That time thing

Well it came to me when read IRC’s post about experience relation with time, i thought why we just relate things with time that much.
we don’t call a friend a close one without the tag of ” i know him for so long “, we get scare when see a young doctor just trying to examine us and so on

Sometimes i do that too but in friendship issues i used to ignore that time factor, maybe in love too, here it’s not about time it’s just about harmony

Once i had a friend for just 4 days well they have been really continuous 4 days but still 4 days !!! i was down and i rarely be so,, but when i feel so, i don’t allow people to see me but my closest, i’ve just allowed her , i was wondering myself why i did so she’s just a new friend if we took it from that angle .. but now after 6 years together i knew i was blessed when forgot about that time thing -- in a hundred other issue- i just search for the harmony between me and others .

It worked in many things when i’ve a hunch, i just follow it.. not a naive one i mean when feel the harmony i just take off my watch

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  1. Mamdouh Dorrah Reply

    here it’s not about time it’s just about harmony

    i do belive it is so right sassoo, again it is about harmony and COINCEDANCE

  2. saso Reply

    and coincidence !!!!!!!!

  3. BackBone Reply

    nice post saso, me also believe in that time factor, it’s just a way to prove the missed harmony, if the relation went through a long time then it’s a prove of something.

    Einstein said “The only reason for Time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”

  4. saso Reply

    welcom here backbone :)
    i simply agree with u in the whole thing abt time
    it’s just a way to prove the missed harmony
    sometimes we just keep that friend for the old times not for him himself

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