Sadly i was in that situation agian, forgive me saso.. i used to get confused each time i find myself in that situation, sometimes i feel a completly hatred towards someone hurted me badly and just decide not totalk to her/him just to find myself in that silly situation of forgive me .. i simply do that

It isn’t an angelic attitude i’m too far from that, but can’t stand loosing a friend for a stupid sorry which won’t mend any hurt anyway, it’s just that way to me who you are to me comes before how deep you hurted me. so i just forget about it when you were a close and dear one to me, while i don’t drop it with people not that important for me

It’s like a scale i just put those things make me drop that whole thing against things might make me not, so it isn’t about the apology itself i may forget without apology at all if she/he was a close one to me

People i’m not to say be an angel, but just don’t let people you love go, keep them even if you had to disclaim a little right which is that useless apology. life is to short to waste on these things, and i just want to live it in a mind peace.

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  1. مفلس افندى الرايق Reply

    مجتاجين نعيش فى

    ونعمل كلوز اب

    لكل الترابيس

    وكله شار اب

    واعملوا زى ونيس

    علموا اولادكم القيم

    ولو غلطوا لازم الندم

    ونحب بعض بجد

    وقلوبنا تطرح ورد

    وكفايه كره وبعد

    لازم بقى نعيش

    ويكون شعارنا ديما
    (peace) (peace)


  2. still breathing Reply

    lol at the previous comment!

    bayen 3leek raye2 f3ln!

    i agree with that part about having a good mental health..the thing is, mafeesh 7aga testahel!

  3. IRC President Reply

    Friends are precious, if you choose the hard way and you became close friends, it will be too great a loss to lose them. It is hard these days to find faithful friends, though they exist a lot, but they are just hard to find.

  4. saso Reply

    كلة شير اب دي تريقة عليا سيادتك ؟
    انا كويسة الحمد للة والعيال بيسلموا عليك

  5. saso Reply

    still breathing
    yeah you right, mafeesh 7aga testahel:)

    yes,simply too precious to lose even if the didn’t use sorry

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