Reviewing people

Currently listening to some flamenco guitar music I didn’t listen to for a while. I don’t know why music always make me think about the past, my momories.

Strange people entered my life, while till now I didn’t figure out there attitude. Came and gone without any mark in my life. The only lesson I learnt is that many things happen, telling us not to ask, questioning our ability to overcome curioisity. Though now and then I still try to analyze, to figure out while things went this way. What makes me feel not disappointed, is that everytime I think about it, I realize a new thing, a new experience. The thing I always believe in, the value of realization.

Certain people, occupy some place in my heart, although I did suffer a lot from their cruelty or ignoring, I don’t know why. They are not one or two, they are many. Many say I’m a cool character, others say the opposite, I have no problem with this. The problem is when they say so behind my back, and what makes me more furious, when they complain that others do the same thing, disgusting, is it not?

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  1. Nuri Reply

    I hate that too. But you shouldn’t worry about what anyone thinks of you (except family and closest friends, maybe). Don’t let others define who or what you are!

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