Hope vs Black days

Today I went home, I met my kiddy cousins as I always like to call them. I saw their some of their art works in the entrance when I arrived. So happy I became…

I saw lanterns, suns, water, happy children…I wonder how can the world is not able to destroy such a beauty, such innocence, such purity.

I see through them, and by them, some renewable hope, happiness in their warm hug.

Listening to All By Myself from the beautiful Céline Dion, and I remember…I remember…I remember…

Are the kids so much better? I really see that…

5 Responses to Hope vs Black days
  1. توتة توتة Reply

    soooooooo cute

  2. بين الأمل و اليأس Reply

    their world so beauty, no lie,simple life,heart smile,honest feeling.didn’t u wana stay child,god keep and pleasure them,i hope to stay honest and not be one of our world

  3. IRC President Reply

    Still…we can’t leave this world…

  4. saso Reply

    they still can paint the sea and the sky with blue..and roses with red not the opposite
    hold them and just feel like them for a while

  5. IRC President Reply

    And how great a feeling like this is like.

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