The return of Torturer Abu Sahla

From Arabist

I must say I salute the bravery of Police Major Samawal Abu Sehla, who is not afraid to attack unarmed protestors, and kidnap them from their cars, and take part in sodomizing them later in police stations… Yet he shies away and keeps trying to hide his face with a green dossier when chased with the bloggers’ digital cameras….

Fuck Abu Se7la

Keep on photographing the dog and profiling his friends ya shabab…. Good job…!

Make sure you also check out my little flickr shrine dedicated to all the dogs in service of Mubarak and his family…

And here’s a little gift to Abu Sehla… some labor of love… I call this movie: “3awdet el-Kalb Abu Se7la” (The Return of the Dog Abu Sehla)

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