With Laila (2)

Laila is a symbol used by bloggers for females. The 9th of September is the anniversary of the blogging campaign by mainly the Egyptian blogosphere with the contribution from other bloggers as well, with some reflections even in the western blogosphere

Anyway, for me I consider it as a try for defending and calling for women rights. Well I consider it as a kind of virtual feminist activism. In my world, the Arab world, I don’t like feminist activism that much for several reasons. Maybe for the bad history of the official governmental feminist activity. As they never look for example for the abuse done by the police force against many women, be it physical abuse or sexual abuse. Police use women as a reguler practice to get their men when they are among suspects by very humuliating methods, like walking with them naked in the streets and raping them to force their men to go to the police force or to confess about committing crimes they are entirely not related to it. So what I think is that, females and males in our society are under the same sun, under the same type of injustice, intolerance and oppression.

I’m with the freedom and human rights of all, not specifically women.

8 Responses to With Laila (2)
  1. سكوت هنصوت Reply

    i like the idea we are all laila

    and i like it more when it is promoted by a man

    good job mohamed

  2. IRC President Reply

    Thanks dear :)

  3. شغف Reply

    females and males in our society under the same ” darkness “

  4. IRC President Reply


  5. He & She Reply

    I totally agree. I hope everything would be in the right direction

  6. Dev Reply

    Such a fantastic post!

    for men and women to truly become partners in a cultural and social advancement (perchance “enlightenment”), we must free ourselves from such fundamental ideas and beliefs about our convictions: “is it a way to keep us divided…or make us realize that we are all one?”

    you remind us all that if we want equality, we must fight for justice…for all…no exceptions. It won’t work any other way.

  7. IRC President Reply

    Thanks He&she

    @Dev, yea…as time goes on I believe in what I can call Humanism.

  8. will Reply



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