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  1. Anonymous Reply

    What do you think the results of Bhutto’s death will be? Will the party be able to succeed without her? If Musharraf is taken out of power what will happen to Pakistan?

  2. CresceNet Reply

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  3. catalunya.ffw Reply

    I propose sending a protest e-mail to the Saudi ambassador in Brussels regarding Fouad’s arrest.

    More info and a model text here: http://catalunyafastforward.blogspot.com/2008/01/llibertat-per-fouad-al-farhan-blocaire.html

  4. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    @anonymous Sorry for the late reply for exams.
    Anyway I hope Bhutto’s assasination would accelerate Musharraf leaving, though I still don’t understand why Bhutto wanted it to be a dynasty party while other figures in her party are more powerful and acceptable than her non-political son or her not so good husband. For example Amin Fahim or Shah Qureshi. This raises my question about if she was pro-democracy in the first place.

    I really don’t have a semi-sure vision of what will happen, but what I am sure of, dynasty leadership will destroy the party.

    About if Musharraf went away now, this depends on whn will lead the PPP and how will the elections run.

  5. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Of course, thanks. :)

  6. Anonymous Reply

    To be completley honest there will not be another leader quite like Benazir, and what will happen to pakistan well lets just say it hasent got alot going for it with out Benazir-Rizy

  7. Mohamed ElGohary Reply

    Anyway her assassination now really proved that it accelerated Musharraf resign, but let’s hope something good will happen in Pakistan, away from the Islamic Extremists and, most importantly, their allies.

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