Tagged to Wish

Dear Rasha tagged me, and I really thank her for that since it has been a long time since I wrote something. Being active more via microblogging tools, basically Jaiku, twitter, and facebook status.

The tag is about what I wish for, when I got the tag I kept thinking for a while then this is what I came to:

1. Finishing my Engineering Academic life, I won’t ever study in anything related to Engineering again. (hopefully this is my year)

2. Upgrading my gadgets to a fine level (hi-tech digital camera, laptop, mobile, etc).

3. After upgrading my gadgets, being involved in Citizen Journalism (hopeully after decreasing the mobile internet prices, it will happen as a first step with the beginning of 2009)

4. Being a specialist at my work.

5. Mastering the electric guitar, or even the keyboard.

6. Travelling around the world until I say enough.

7. Treating my temper issues, especially when trying to help someone.

8. Making a huge library, which will be mainly about History, Politics, and of course, Computers. Along with reading all of the contents.

9. Finding Mrs. Right and having the romantic living happily ever-after.

10. Forcing myself to go to a gym or something, this academic life destroyed my body.

Replies are highly appreicated