Advice in case you are beaten by police or army

Advice in case you are beaten (by Mai Shams El-Din Ismail)
Egyptian army assaulting a womanIn Egypt, you have to get used to street fighting (going back and forth):
1-      When there is a confirmed attack, never look back just look forward and put in mind to run as fast as possible to the far distance possible, with peace of mind and keep your normal breathing rate.
2-      In case of crowdness you may fall down, again, rise up as quick as possible, don’t look back words and keep running.
3-      In case of unequal fighting (your enemy is stronger) make your most important concern to get out of it with the least loss possible, if you carry something big leave it, and if you are caught, make sure you are not arrested.
4-      In case you fall down, of course it is not going to be one security personnel beating you, they will be a group, so do the following:
--          Your most important parts of your body are your legs and arms (movement parts) so avoid anything will affect their movement, injuries, getting broken. If your are beaten in your leg, make sure to position your leg with an angel, never allow the beating to be vertical on your leg, kick whoever beats you, let him beat you in the thigh not in the leg, because your thigh is the strongest muscle in the body, and can absorb the beating.
--          Protect your head with your arms and never look at anyone, focus on escaping by any means; this will make bear the pain and the beating.
5-      Concentrate on the reason why you are in the street, if you are there for fighting, try to be as light as possible, do not put extra luggage with you.
6-      If you are documenting then make sure not to be obvious so as not to be targeted, be away from the front of the battle to give a chance for the fighters and allow yourself to freely document.
Definitely you will not 100% perfect from the first time, you will get used to it by training.
God be with us.

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