Twitter translations priorities

With all due respect to western European languages, why do twitter ignore a language like Arabic with hundreds of millions of speakers and begin with less-popular western European languages? I applied to be a volunteer translator for Twitter in 2009 and no one answered which is something weird considering Twitter’s efforts to switch to Web interfaces vs API by acquiring the most used twitter clients on all platforms.

Although this still gives Arabic based twitter clients more chances to get some market share, but still, seriously?


UpdateLena, from the Twitter localization team, responded:

we're working on it! lots of RTL engineering work in progress :)
Twitter response regarding translation to Arabic


Update2: Lena announced that we can now translate to Arabic at last :)

@meedan@ircpresident allright, we’re ready! go to to start translating to Farsi, Arabic, Urdu or Hebrew :)

Update3: I joined the team of Arabic twitter moderators. You can follow me at @ircpresident

Replies are highly appreicated