Reflections on technology

I just finished watching a Lebanese-Swedish movie, Zozo. It is about a Lebanese boy, with the name Zozo, during the civil war, who gets separated from his family and ends up in Sweden. In the beginning there is this scene where the father is mad at his son for trying to get his mother’s attention while they were following the news about the war on TV,  while the boy had just finished crafting a piece of wood and wanted to show it to his mother.

I was thinking, how can technology has the ability to allow us to pause the flow of information, if we wanted to, to enjoy another a moment, to have our time to give our loved ones some moments of appreciation when they really need it, instead of spending some time later trying to fix what we missed, trying to explain that we love them and that there are just some moments they have to give up.

Here is an excerpt of the movie:

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