On a serious note on #AblaFahita

If you were not following Egyptian affairs last few days you should read this piece, as according to AP: “Prosecutors have questioned officials in one of Egypt’s largest telecommunications companies (@VodafoneEgypt) over an online advertisement featuring a puppet (called Abla Fahita), which a controversial (pro-government activist, not a blogger, so much for AP reporting) blogger has accused of delivering a coded message linked to the Muslim Brotherhood group, the company said Wednesday.” More is available on the WP.

Tortured #AblaFahita doll

Tortured #AblaFahita doll

On a more a serious note, earlier in November Bloomberg published that “Telecom Egypt May Buy Vodafone Local Division When 4G Is Offered“. Personally I don’t want for this acquiring to happen, since it will decrease/eliminate competition in mobile/4G emerging market. Egypt is a very hungry market for Internet and with current cap in DSL lines as well as failing infrastructure in sub-urban Cairo (filled with wireless telephone lines, which are not ready for even DSL, only same-old-Dial-up), 4G will be a damn big market.

The million dollar question here, as Vodafone actually wants to buy the government stakes, is this BS accusation a dirty step for blackmailing/forcing Vodafone Egypt to comply to what the government wants?

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