Creating Digital Rights Blogs and NGOs Database & Blog Aggregator

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During the fourth Arab Bloggers Meeting that I attended recently in Amman, Jordan, an idea of an independent project struck me. The project should be aimed to build a database of all NGOs, websites and blogs specialized, or have a specialized section, in digital rights. This database will be in the form of a blog aggregator using a WordPress blog, for the purpose of republishing rather than publishing in itself.

The target of this aggregator is NGOs and bloggers interested in republishing content. The final goal is making the circle of bloggers and trainers bigger than it is right now, as well as establishing a more networked community than it is right now. What inspired me to this idea is the lack of knowledge and organization among the digital Egyptian society in specific, and in the Arab Digital Society in general. As we, digital activists, do not know each other, and in case we knew each other, we do not follow what we do. This eventually leads to many lost opportunities for cooperation.

Another reason for this project is the extreme centralization of activism. So, for example, many activists know what is happening in Cairo (Not even the rest of the Egypt), and to a lesser extent what is happening in Syria. Nobody knows what is happening in the Gulf, like Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi, or in North Africa, like Mauritania or Morocco or Algeria, or even Tunisia, the Bouazizi country. I also wonder a lot, what should be the motive for non-Egyptian activists to be in solidarity with an Egyptian suffering human rights violations in their countries, while we, as Egyptian activists, do not know or do no care what is happening to non-Egyptians in Egypt and beyond?

I’m not saying this is the fault of non-Egyptians, I understand the exhaustion we are suffering since the end of 2011 till now, but I’m aiming through this simple project to be a step towards making the circle of bloggers and trainers bigger. To increase their networking as well as the opportunities to know the real needs. How to use the Internet to deal with real needs. I think this issue gets really challenging when there is no “real” networking between activists from across the region.

I put here a form for all NGOs and bloggers who are interested in being in the blog aggregator:


Replies are highly appreicated