Monem, 23 Other Detainees On Hunger Strike

Blogger and journalist Abdel Monem Mahmoud and 23 other detained students from the Institute of Agricultural Engineering threatened to begin a hunger strike on Tuesday May 8, to protest their inhumane imprisonment conditions and the endless cycle of intimidations by criminal prisoners which reached to the point of sexual harassment, and the disgraceful inaction by the prison administration.

In a statement released by Monem and other political detainees on Monday, they demanded their immediate release and dropping all the trumped up charges against them, accusing the prison administration of adopting a new strategy of psychological torture by allowing and encouraging criminal prisoners to intimidate and harass them.

Among the list of other inhumane imprisonment conditions the statement cited are,

1-Confinment for 23 hours a day in overcrowded cells where an average of 22 inmates are kept in 10x22 feet cells infested with bugs with only one extremely filthy bathroom to share.

2-Numerous assaults by criminal prisoners and thugs, including sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

3-Use of illegal drugs inside prison cells by criminals and drug dealers, and the produced smoke which makes it very difficult to even breath an already polluted air, in addition to extremely foul language and screaming all night by intoxicated thugs which became a source of psychological agony.

4-Poor medical care in handling life threatening and contagious medical conditions, including skin diseases and HIV. Four cases of chicken pox and measles were denied appropriate care and hospital admission.

The statement also complained that the students who were mostly preparing for their final exams, surrendered their school books to the prison administration in protest, since it became impossible for them to study in such awful environment

The statement concluded by calling on the Attorney General, the National Council on Human Rights and all human rights groups to intervene to protect the life and dignity of the students.

Attorney Islam Lotfy stated to Ikhwanweb that the “Al Mahkom” prison where Monem and his fellow political prisoners are kept is designated for the most vicious criminals and known for its inhumane conditions. He added that several cases of TB and HIV have been detected among prisoners and the government apparent lack of action and poor medical care inside the prison put his clients’ life in danger.

According to Lotfy, several complaints have been filed to the prison administration and government officials to keep political detainees separate from criminal prisoners but nothing was done. The government seems to be adopting a new strategy by letting others do their dirty work by inflicting psychological torture on its political opponents who have been detained only for their views and opinions.

Monem was arrested on April 15 along group of students from the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and charged with belonging to an illegal organization [MB] and by reporting information that defame the regime and threaten national security.

For more information, please contact,

-Islam Lotfy, Kawakby Foundation For Democracy and Development at 002-010-7717450 (mobile)

-Mohammad Ghozlan, at 002-010-2040116 (mobile)


Round 3 of Judge Murad

Other coverages:
1. Wa7da Masreya


This round was hilarious really. For the history for the case you can read this for more information.

I arrived at the court-house at exactly 9 am. This is the first time I attend this case, I didn’t know they will consume so much time for nothing. Then some bloggers came one by one. I was really pleased to meet them.

Anyway the cases roll began from like 10:30, then we were informed that Murad case will be in the end of the roll. This was so annoying really. In the beginning Murad made a long speech about his books and how they are so much and famous, blah blah blah. He mentioned how these books are famous worldwide and they are the textbooks for several university abroad and all this non-sense. And I really want to mention that his voice was high, but not the highest, I will mentioned why later.

Then came the government’s lawyer who again repeated the talk about the difficulty of monitoring (I really wanted to mention the word surveillance) the sites and then blocking the non-appropriate material in it.

Then came the two lawyers who attended the Kareem law-suit and attacked the bloggers in general, claiming that all bloggers attacked Islam and they are “garatheem” (germs in Arabic). He was really funny. Even of the Judge’s assistances in the court room was about to laugh, he was hardly stopping himself from laughing. The bearded lawyer voice was really high, reminding me of War scenes in Arabic movies, I was expecting something like KILL the BLOGGERS or something.

Murad entered the show again mentioning that these sites and blogs were a threat to National Security and to ethnic stability blah blah blah. I want to mention that Judge repeatedly asked Murad and the two Islamic lawyers to focus on the case and stop scattering into other unrelated issues, more than five times. (God they have the guts).

While the case was paused for consultation, Malek talked with the bearded Islamic lawyer about another incident which is also connected to Murad, a law-suit of verbal assault accusing Alaa and Manal from and Gamal Eid. In the testimony of that lawyer, Manal was in the the court house verbally assaulting Murad, but ironically, she was not in the court house in the first place.

Anyway the case was postponed to June 9, will be waiting for what is happening.

Reporters without Borders Free Mon’em Campaign

Reporters Without Borders / Internet Freedom desk


Six months after the arrest of Kareem Amer, Reporters Without Borders has started a petition calling for the blogger’s release and that of his colleague Abdul-Moneim Mahmud.

Internet-users are being asked to sign online, in which the worldwide press freedom organisation calls on the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a conference organised under the UN mantle, to block Egypt from hosting the event in 2008 unless the two bloggers are freed.
Sign the petition :

Text of the petition:

“We call for the release of Abdel Kareem Nabil Suleiman (Kareem Amer) and of Abdul-Moneim Mahmud, who have been imprisoned for expressing their opinion online. We urge the organisers of the Internet Governance Forum to intervene with the Egyptian authorities on behalf of these two bloggers. It would be intolerable for a UN summit on the future of the Internet to be held in a country which imprisons bloggers”.

The petition will be sent, on 6 November 2007, exactly one year after the arrest of Kareem Amer, to Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, to Executive Coordinator of the IGF, Markus Kumar, as well as to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

“Kareem Amer”

Abdel Kareem Nabil Suleiman, better known by the pen name Kareem Amer, was arrested on 6 November 2006, for articles published on his blog ( He frequently attacked the authoritarian excesses of the government of Hosni Mubarak and criticised the country’s top religious authorities, particularly the Sunni University Al-Azhar, where he was studying law. The blogger was sentenced on 22 February 2007, to three years in prison for “inciting hatred of Islam” and one year for “insulting” the Egyptian president. The sentence was upheld on appeal on 12 March.

Abdul-Moneim MahmudAbdul-Moneim Mahmud, who runs the blog Ana Ikhwan (, was arrested on 14 April 2007. He has been officially accused of membership of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, but his detention appears most likely linked to articles and photos he has posted online and at his work exposing torture committed by the security services.

First organisations and bloggers who signed the petition:

-- The Free Kareem campaign (
-- Free Monem (
-- Alaa & Manal (
-- HAMSA initiative of the American Islamic Congress (
-- Dalia Ziada (
-- Milton Mueller, partner, “Internet Governance Project”(
-- Ethan Zuckerman -- My Heart’s in Accra,
-- Soci of Singabloodypore at
-- Christophe Grébert (,
-- Olivier Grobet (
-- Christophe Ginisty (
-- Cristiano de S’ Fagundes (
-- Nicolas Vanbremeersch (
-- Pierre Catalan (
-- Sami Ben Gharbia (
-- Solana Larsen (
-- Dan Larsen (
-- Hervé Resse (
-- Florentine (
-- Andriy Ignatov,Maidan International (
-- Fred de Mai (

Free personal thoughts…

Worried about the future…listening to some words from here and there, plus depressing signs from my family. Things like these never help, they just put me in the usual circle of doom.

Listening to the beautiful instrumental played by Era, Flowers of the Sea. This is all what I want from life. Tranquility…

Wandering about a usual thought of mine, words give meaning to meanings. People always complain about that there are so much words with no actions. Do they really talk right?

Remembering the time I wrote my poetry to my imaginary love in my early and middle teen years. How I laughed in my sleeves when my mates asked me who is she. And I realize how am I now, though still I don’t write poetry. Is it the fake stronger than the true? Or is it the hell of depressants I’m living in?

I want to run, I want to live my free decisions, I want to be with my family, I want to be with her, I want all of this in the same time

Still, dear friends of mine had most of these, but…when the moment of losing someone comes…it just adds to my misery.

I admit that I like people when they say good words about me, whether they were right or wrong. Is this wrong or right? At those moments I really don’t care, what I care is about my satisfaction. Selfishness I know, but who is not?

I regret my giving up when I was faced by the change of my career, but there was so little time, so little resistance to the so huge force from them, the point is…they will not pay the price, I’m the one who will pay the price, and they will just live happily that they did what they were supposed to do in their own perspective, and after that complain that I didn’t do my planned part.
And after all, they say, you chose it.


A year passed unnoticed

I just found out that a year passed on my blogging experience, if I can call it an experience. I began blogging in 22th of April, 2006. After that, blogging just embraced me time after time, transforming myself from other online activity sharing. Many of us maybe liked forums, making personal sites for a few percentage. But blogging? Way different.

Of course people made of it sometimes, warned me from the “government” sometimes, attacked me for it sometimes…

But who cares, ALL these people are now gone, with the most annoying phrase in the world: I love you. If all is loved, where will hate go then? Commit suicide? Human are so ridiculous sometimes.

Pink Floyd are really genius, like they sometimes actually tell me what do in certain situations. Like in “Breathe” for example.

The problem with forums, is that they are usually biased and more dictator. You are literally controlled by the moderators and administrators. The control which produce a certain type of members to continue in this forum or another, which usually never cross the lines made by those who run the forum . So, they “make” their forums in a way or another, like their own place. Though, the forum is nothing without their members, what a closed circle.

Blogs are free, universal, standardized. A sign of a good future really, esp with the maturation of blogs from being personal time after time through sister services like Twitter for example.

Anyway, the aim of this post is to thank all the special people I knew through blogging, thank you very much for being you and nothing else. Thanks for your real care. Just thank you for everything.

From my old papers

Posted in : Monday, June 26, 2006

Today I saw the movie Omar AlMokhtar. I saw it many times before, but it is the first time for me to see it from a very different prospective. When I was in the CIMAL session we discussed the principle of the one person rule in the history of Arab countries, and I really realized that even in the times of Arab dignity and prosperity, there was a rare chance of talking about democracy or Shura within the minds of our Arab people. We always depend on certain people to defend us, and thus giving away this precious right to others while in the mean time we are the ones who mustn’t ever give up this sacred responsibility.

When people who oppress us torture, or harm, or even kill the symbols of this fight for freedom, for this sacred of responsibility of defense against the destruction of the sacred right of being secured, the sacred attack towards corruption in all the principle fields which the country is based upon. Imagine how can this fight against corruption and authoritarianism be of great use to your own self, to your feeling of being secure. Financially, physically, and in all other aspects of your own life. How can this massive amount of public money to be in the hands of real economic projects. How can this stolen taxes and loans to be in the hands of the people, in the hands of its owners. How can we give the right of management to people who just use us without any kind of service return. How can these kind of people ever happen to understand that ruling is just mere Civil Serving, which means that they are servants to US, the people, not the US the states. Not just to be the little good dog that is thrown a bone for being a good defender of any rights other than the Egyptian rights. Don’t you think that Egyptians don’t have these most powerful amazing powers of observations? These powers which is going like blowing air in the air, no use at all.

And again, we see our own defenders of freedom assaulted in different aways in front of own eyes and we are afraid to speak our own voice in this narrow space available to us in the internet.

I hope to feel that Egyptians are human anymore, not to be in the state of nobody home, like Pink Floyd is saying:

I’ve got a little black book with my poems in, got a bag, got a toothbrush and a comb.
When I’m a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone in.
I got elastic bands keeping my shoes on. Got those swollen hand blues.
Got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from.
I’ve got electric light and I’ve got second sight.Got amazing powers of observation.
And that is how I know when I try to get through on the telephone to you there’ll be nobody home.

I’ve got the obligatory Hendrix perm and the inevitable pinhole burns.
All down the front of my favorite satin shirt.I’ve got nicotine stains on my fingers.
I’ve got a silver spoon on a chain. I’ve got a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains.
I’ve got wild staring eyes. And I’ve got a strong urge to fly. But I got nowhere to fly to.
Ooh, Babe when I pick up the phone”Surprise, surprise, surprise…”
There’s still nobody home.
I’ve got a pair of Go hills boots and I got fading roots.

But who knows, maybe I wont find any surprise.

Who knows the best?

Many Egyptian students in University face this situation a lot. A decision made by the professor or the lecturer or whosoever which is made by the name of General Benefit. False use however. For example a few days ago we had an exam, the timing of the exam was long for me personally, it was like 1.5 hours. This timing was determined by the professor and everything is cool. THen after the half-time the tutor responsible for supervising us during the exam made a personal decision that the exam timing will be less by 15 min. Just like that. The whole 100 examined student raored of course, but still with negative reaction from the tutor that every one talking will have his exam cancelled and this shit.

And then they talk about political activity and WTF they say about this and all this shit complaining from the youth. This is really idiotic.

Then came the Biochemistry lecture which came ironically just after the biosensors exams. We had a good deal of information and all. After like 2 hours and after it by 5 min we were supposed to have another 4 hours Data Sturctures lecture which on its own can consume the whole week energy or something. The Biochemistry doctor still wanted to go on after the official timing of the lecture ignoring our calls for ending it to take a 5 min rest. Still he insisted to continue telling us that we were a nuisance and so. And in the end he told us that the rest of the chapter will not be explained in the lectured and will be included in the next exam after 4 days.

I really don’t know then why the heck do these people complain from the government when you professors act like this. Unless you were corrupted like them. You are just another image of this terrorist government. The examples are countless. Fuel prices sudden rising. All elections. All major decision concerning other people like pensioners for example.


Chaos and religion

Some people see chaos as something prohibited in religion, though, any revolution against governmental terrorism must, MUST contain some kind of chaos. A transitional interval of time when chaos prevails after which, chaos is turned into creative chaos, converting the socio-political environment to its right pace.

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