What goes around, Comes…..MY BROTHERS.

Life is not always fair, in fact its not fair at all…
don’t we all think this way? What is fair or who is fair anyway? Seems like this word doesn’t even exist. If life isn’t fair so are we, because we are part of this life too, so who started the “unfair” issue first?, is it Life or Us..!!

You are the master of your actions as an adult, you choose to say words you want, how you dress and what to dress, u choose what to say , how you say it and who to talk to, you have the door wide open for you to go anywhere you want with people you want. U become way too independent THOUGH , we are not the free compared to other cultures, but still compared with the last generation we are more free to do what we want.
so what you do now you are responsible for it, no-one can hurt you or do something bad to you unless u gave them the opportunity to do it. Right?!!.. UMMM not really.

Back to the “Fair” issue, and how its related about what I ve been saying concerning independence and such. I realized it when i was reading my expensive new interstice book that i just bought a day ago, conceder that i pay allot of attention to keep my things really protected especially that i have two little monkish at home.. OPUS did i say monkish? Oh sorry i mean my two little brothers. i believe that everything they do is only because i was not careful enough and gave them the chance to mess with my stuff, i was going to scream at them but before i do i had a snapshot of what i used to do when i was little.
so many books i ve written in them (actually i couldn’t write still back then) it was so fun to fo so.. mmm i can still remember that how i used to take any book i saw with innocent look and creative streak i used to draw lines here and lines there, tho i was young but i was aware that what i did was wrong.
i realized that yeah what goes around comes around, and maybe we may think that this Life isnt fair, we may be wrong.. it is fair, i guess who is not fair, is just US. a while ago i was going to scream at my brothers becasue they did what i used to do when i was child.. how ironic, ha.

I do remember some of my shamful stuff when i did when i was young as a matter of high curiousty, it happens NOW by the little angelic-devilish hands of my little brothers. letrally all the things that i did , they come and hit me personally.. and how am i to complain, it seems fair to me.
i just came to this point when i saw that we may be independant enough and old enough to be responsible to all that happens to us, BUT, no matter how old or consiouse and carefull we are.. fair is going to take its toll, weather we like it or not.

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  1. IRC President Reply

    Well…maybe this falls in the region of what goes around, comes around. Maybe also it falls in the region of inheritance. I know I’m getting away a little bit from the idea you were talking about, but I think it is connected somehow.

    You share some DNA, some chromosomes. You must share some evil or good things :D. Being completely different is not that possibility within brothers and sisters.

    Being the judge to know what is fair or not, well, yea you sometimes depend on your feelings, you depend on your perspertive. Depends on factors which have a considerable probability of error. But one must have some trust in his/her way of judging. Or else we will go made or something, you know, there is some rationality, but there is also some basic according to every human being. :)

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