Yahoo Groups violations?

Last week I was added to a Yahoo group on my Gmail, that seemed of a spammy nature, not to mention the action itself is considered spam. I reported the group to Yahoo and this is what I got in reponse:

We appreciate your report of this incident in Yahoo! Groups. We will
investigate your report and take appropriate action as per our Terms of
Service (TOS). For further details about the Yahoo! TOS, you can visit:

Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on
another user’s account with a third party. We are not able to make
exceptions to this rule.

Please continue to notify us of any questionable content you find in
Yahoo! Groups. We are very concerned about preventing the abuse of
Groups, and we will continue to evaluate any material that violates the
Yahoo! Groups Terms of Service.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Groups.

So according to this, am I able to add millions of non-Yahoo users to Yahoo groups and in the same time not violating Yahoo TOS?

Epic Fail…

3 Responses to Yahoo Groups violations?
  1. Gabriela Reply

    That's what I call a contradiction… a HUGE one!

  2. Paula Reply

    Not sure if I understood, but I think it just means that they will not feedback you on the action they decided to take. Imagine if they didn’t say that, and everyone wanted to know the results of them reporting!

  3. Maisara Reply wonder business email servers blocks or flag address ends with Yahoo,Hotmail & Gmail

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