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That time thing

Well it came to me when read IRC’s post about experience relation with time, i thought why we just relate things with time that much.
we don’t call a friend a close one without the tag of ” i know him for so long “, we get scare when see a young doctor just trying to examine us and so on

Sometimes i do that too but in friendship issues i used to ignore that time factor, maybe in love too, here it’s not about time it’s just about harmony

Once i had a friend for just 4 days well they have been really continuous 4 days but still 4 days !!! i was down and i rarely be so,, but when i feel so, i don’t allow people to see me but my closest, i’ve just allowed her , i was wondering myself why i did so she’s just a new friend if we took it from that angle .. but now after 6 years together i knew i was blessed when forgot about that time thing -- in a hundred other issue- i just search for the harmony between me and others .

It worked in many things when i’ve a hunch, i just follow it.. not a naive one i mean when feel the harmony i just take off my watch


I traveled a lot, I roamed a lot, saw a lot, thought a lot, suffered a lot. Traveling sometimes brings joy, happiness, suffer, pain, astonishment. All kinds of people are available. I always believe that people are the same. But, not the one kind same, they are different kinds. You know, like mass production principle. You have a definite number of products will be produced in a huge number. You will see millions of products, but are they different? You can easily realize.

Many people sell the world. A few just buy it, which always come to a surprise. Because, if you buy the world, you will think of yourself as someone alive. Someone you thought have died, died a long time ago. While you travel, you are put in this exam a million times, and you wish you would have died alone. With no more suffering for people who surround you, either because they don’t deserve it, or they are too evil to even think to take revenge from them. It is available sometimes to fix, sometimes available to fight, but you don’t have the courage, and you don’t have all the time in the world. You wait and wait till the game is over and there is no chance. You keep blaming yourself for being in the wrong time, in the wrong place, doing the wrong action.

You travel, you see a face you know, or you are supposed to know. This face tells you he is a friend of yours. You are surprised. Seems like you are losing control f your memory. Again and again trying to remember, then you leave him alone. You run and run trying to escape. You stop and laugh, shaking you head and head away for home. When you remember this again, you realize you didn’t even consider the possibility if the man was wrong or not. You escape yourself why did you escape, why did you run. No answer.

You travel, you meet new people. You are betrayed million times, you are rescued once. You have this friend for sometime, thank him for sometimes. Then you lose contact. Then it comes to your mind from time to time, how this pure kindness rescued you for no price, for no reward. Not even for the thanking reward. You are astonished how you leave this person like this. How do you let yourself die alone like this with losing a friend you could die before finding someone like him. Who knows, definitely not me.

It seems like I’m the one who sold the world, without even losing control. It was intentionally, it was never under any kind of oppression, internal or external. And I’m sorry for it.

Winds Of Change thoughts…

The world closing in and did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers
The future’s in the air, I can feel it everywhere blowing with the wind of change
Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me
Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change
Walking down the street, and distant memories are buried in the past forever
I fallow the Moskva down to Gorky Park listening to the wind of change
The wind of change blows straight into the face of time like a stormwind that will ring
The freedom bell for peace of mind let your balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say:
Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
In the wind of change…

Many times I realize that humans are the same, several models described in different ways with differant reactions but always the same different core, like a forum skin changing its colours and other features. All young people have their suffers, all old people suffer lonliness, all parents suffer from their children, all villains suffer from being caught or from the fear of being caught. It is always the same with different degrees. Good and Bad. Human and Satan. May I say Adam and Eve? It makes me laugh really.

We talk and talk and talk, we always talk, we suffer that al what we do is talk, but do we talk in the right direction? I don’t have the ability to realize so, no signs at all. We even waste the energy used in talking in the way we talk, to the wrong direction.
All the good ideas, all the good deeds, science fiction which led to scientific superiority, even revolutions, began with words, books, spirit. All these doesn’t exist without some positive talking. Without some believe in the ability of the power of words, talking.

Revolution? I don’t know, do the people even deserve one? I guess not, with this negative spirit, all this humiliation, all this hypocracy, all these people making use of hypocracy and keeping things the same, be it in the government or even in our personal region of online and offline human relationships. You don’t get your rights. You don’t pay to get your rights. We are raised to be good obediant boys and girls who always say yes to the dictatorial decisions of the government represented in your parents, wihout any thinking of your own self. I’m not talking about revolution againt the parents, I’m talking about the spirit of how to communicate, positivly and negatively. And then how to communicate with the official government you are dealing with. How to force the concept of Civil Service, which means that the government is YOUR servant, with the 103 Billion pounds taxes you pay. This government is like the plumber you hire to fix your the place you pee in. It is the same idea. If the plumber is a pain in the a$s, you will kick his. But actually you are kicked and you don’t do anything about it, and when you do, you can expect you will get.

And expecting the Winds of Change…

Experience…and age.

Life…is like an Arcade Game repeated over and over again, with different themes and different ways of playing but ALWAYS with the same rules. At least within the place and time your self is living in. Your score is always increasing with experience and suffering. The suffer…which is always worth it.

You know, experience can be of all my kinds, and from my experience, it is not always connected to age. It is just how full your life is, full of real things not just full of trivial going outs with friends and shopping and other things from the same category. It is how many types of people you deal with. You realize how people can be so like each other in many ways. How can the society be a homogenous liquid with a few bubbles in it representing the exceptions which we see once a year manifested in a sign of kindness, a sign of pure feeling, a sign of innocence which gives you a hope that life is still something availabe and suitable to live in.

Life can be so tough, with people faking smiles at you, people faking good feelings to use you after that, with people want you to die to inherit. With all this media which displays all the corruped ways to do facilitate your living as something nice, trying to make it socially acceptable which is the most enemy of human being when associated with bad habits like smoking for example. The problem is that good humans who are still not affected by these destroyers, or bad humans who want to be good, self-respected humans again, must cope with these detroriorating factors. You must have a star-wars defence system inside your soul to maintain your internal stability. You internal flexibility enables you to prevent suicidal thoughts from dominating your mind, from the fear of the future, from the fear of the unknown, from the natural human fear usuall filling anyone of us.

The experience is usually intensified by living alone, you know your real self by living completely alone for a while. You don’t have to be financially independent. You know like being in a boarding school, moving to study at a distance university. Or even if you have no family members and trying to cope with living alone. You face your exposed self, your fears, your inner emotions. All your self is exposed in a non-material mirror of your own. This is the ultimate experience I’ve ever felt in my whole short life.

Other people boost that they have more experience that me just because their age is just a bit longer than mine. I don’t boast that I’m the wise man, but experience is never by age. Experience is something acquired by being exposed and how to see others exposed and dealing with this awful fact…

IRC President


with the office troublemaker.
Every office has one, a troublemaker. Some companies shrewdly pinpoint the troublemaker and get rid of them, but like weeds, once you pluck one, another will germinate in its place.

The troublemaker can make your daily job a living hill, leaving you stressed out, negative and irritable to other people- that is if you let it.Naturally you will at first try to avoid the office troublemaker, and if you are able to then stick with whatever it is you are doing. But for the majority of us, we will most likely have to correlate with this atrocious person on a regular basis, whether it’s in meetings, office gatherings, orientations, etc.

It is important to perpetually remind yourself then that no one has the power to control your emotions that is up to you. Swallow your anxieties, take a deep breath and be prepared. Always speak to the office troublemaker in a controlled, cheerful and reasonable tone. Keep in mind that negativity can be contagious, so don’t let this person swallow you into his world. Maintain pure business talk and don’t discuss any aspects of your personal life.

At times you may have to express yourself, especially if this troublemaker is perpetually saying unpleasant or negative things around you. Let them know, in a non-confrontational way that what they are saying is bothering you. People react better to criticism when it is delivered in a way that expresses how what they are doing is affecting other people.Sometimes however the office troublemaker may really be getting out of hand.

You need to find a way to make yourself better able to deal with the effect this person is having on you.Try saying something along the lines of, “I really find it’s easier to get the job done when I’m positive. I have noticed that a lot of the things you say are really negative. It is too bad you feel this way. However I’m really busy and I don’t have time to discuss it right now”There will be times when you have just had enough of this person. This is when you may really have to put your foot down and confront the troublemaker.

The good thing is that this person is probably well known by all your other colleagues as trouble. This is the person who constantly acknowledge extra work he does, complains about doing everyone else’s job, and criticizes those around them at every given opportunity, to name just a few of their evil tendencies.. The list goes on.

No one takes any pleasure in working with this person so the chances are that any steps you take will be backed up and supported whole-heartedly by your colleagues. So go ahead; take a stand, if you’re absolutely sure you have to. The next time this guy starts complaining about doing all your work, call their bluff. Go and help someone else on a project and let the troublemaker really see what it is you do first hand.People operate on so many different levels; we all have our own style and way of getting things done so that it is impossible for everyone to always get along.

You may think of yourself as the most agreeable person around, but guaranteed there will be someone who disagrees. So always remember that although you think someone may be the office troublemaker, don’t strongly react to this idea until you really know what is going on and how your other colleagues feel as well.If this person is not directly affecting your daily working life to an intolerable level or your career path then why should you try to create waves?

Focus your energy on what is most important, and keep your nose to the grindstone because you never know you could become ranked as the next office troublemaker !!!!

RE-discover yourself.

Forget about the old question “Who am I?”, it seems like there’s no satisfying nor constant answer , and most of the time, there’s no answer at all, this is not about getting to know who you are, in some degree you know who you are, when you take away what you posses, the face you see in the mirror, even the friends u have & things you own, though they all contribute in shaping a part of who you are. But when you try to take all of them away, a new part of you shines, an independent you. A true you.

Have you ever wondered how people really see you!, and do they all see the same things u see about youself! How many times you looked in the mirror and saw someone else’s features, like if it was the first time to see yourself! Haven’t u once caught yourself laughing or did something strange and suddenly think like “wait a minute!! This is not like me!!”
So instead of asking “who am I” lets just twist the question this way,” HOW am I? “.

A role model of mine, once said, “To know where to go, you should ask yourself first where am I standing , and start from there, and if you don’t know exactly where are you, try to remember where were you before and what lead you to this place you are in at the moment”
the thing you could know how exactly you are , and what you can do and what you not, but sometime and all of a sudden you do or say something that couldn’t have occurred to your mind before, a hidden talent pop up in you and u didn’t know even it was there. You discover a passion for something you never would have thought it could have been you. Yeah you can say these things happen in a process called “growing up”.I don’t mean losing interest or gaining a new one.. I am talking about re-discovering yourself, all from the start again. As if you are introducing yourself to youslef as a new person..

scientists discovered that Humans use only 10% or less of their brain. Despite the fact that it is not yet discovered what exactly do we do with the rest, in cases of brain damdge there are trials to make the free cells work instead of the damdged once. This ring many bills actually, there are more of us more than we know, and all we can do is to dig in inside us and bring them inside out.

I myslef am always alert to change my routine each now and then, try to get out of my comfort zone, trying new stuff, utter than the circla I surround myself with, I thought I was in the right track until a friend of mine, once told me that I always break my routine not realizing that what I do is putting myself into an invisible box which is..”Breaking routine”.
just few days later I went to a trip with my family, it wasn’t the first time actually to go with them, but this trip made me discover many of things about me, I never recognize they were there.. Actually there were there but hidden under a dusty surface because I didn’t use them before. And there was that aching part of me want to get back to my routine, which was a huge proof that I was nowhere but inside my comfort zone.

So you might ask how this will, help me and why do I need to discover myself when I am happy with the ability that I have and I don’t want to gain more.
Well, it helps you understand yourself more and help you see things from a different angel, it can help you function better in your life, and get you to know the answer to the ever lasting question”who am I?”.

Here are some tips you they can help you to re-discover yourself:

-- Get out of you bubble. try to break your daily routine, u can start with the simplest things, like instead of burshing your teeth, look out of the window and observe Nature.

-- Enjoy your solitude. go outing al by yourself, well I know this might sound weird but try and see how your reactions are like when you go to places alone like eating in a restaurant watching people around, or just enjoying a peaceful outing with just you with no one to tell you go here or go there or sorry we got to go cuz I have an appointment.

--Get out of your comfort zone. of course each one of us has at least onething that we say. “I wouldn’t do this , NO, ..Over my dead body” do something that is extremely odd to you, get in you dead zone, believe me the results are great, you will feel a rush of atchivment running through your veins.

-- Visit new places & meet new people. go out hiking or with friends for a safari, go to places that is not common like cinemas, cafes , clubs etc,… Many people who their path turned from a loser to a huge success, said that they discovered who they are and what they really want where they were on their own in a trip or went to places in a far away land.

--lose a habit for one day. this might be interesting but annoying to others, try for an example to switch off your mobile phone for one day, or not logon to the internet, if u have a car leave it and use the bus/taxi or any mean of transportation, just for one day, because when we tend to use some objects all the time, we totally depend on them and idle some of our powers, and somehow think that we can not do without them.

u never know how good a product is until u try it.. And how wouldn’t know a device’s other option without searching, when u don’t ve its instruction booklet. u search, corrupt something and then fix it again till u know the full function of it .

Are you a successful leader ?

Are leaders born or made? I think there’s no need to discuss that every one of us is a leader somehow, so can we learn superior leadership skills? Well of course I’m not sure about that but I’ll try to list the specific actions that successful leaders carry out, regardless of the organization or cause they lead.

Effective Leaders, those who make others feel important. If your goals and decisions are self centered, followers will lose their enthusiasm quickly. React with their contributions it’s not all about orders and direction listen to them so they will listen to you.

Sketch a future vision, followers need a clear idea of where you’re leading them, and they need to understand why that goal is valuable to them and what exactly their rule is. Your job as a leader is to provide that vision.

Here’s a golden rule. Treat your followers the way you enjoy being treated and admit mistakes. You cover up your own errors but your followers just searching for it, they’ll hide their mistakes too and you’ll get disconnected.

Stop criticizing people in public. Public praise encourages others to excel, but public criticism only embarrasses and alienates everyone and they unconscious will search for your defects

I’ve one more hint, you need to be visible to the members of your team so stay close to the action.. Talk to people, ask questions, and check on their every day work. Often you will gain new insights and find new opportunities for motivating your followers.

People I don’t believe in focusing on the game of competition. The competitive drive can be a valuable tool if you use it correctly but never try to disunite your team member to be a leader you just gonna lose your power before losing your respect .

Never forget that you’re partners whether you were a boss or a team leader or an owner of a company you still need those people so considerate their rule, their goals and their effort. Then you can call yourself a leader ......... a successful one


Start: 06/08/2006 -- 18:00
End: 06/08/2006 -- 21:00
Location: أمام مقر وزارة الخارجية -- كورنيش النيل -- القاهرة
Organizer: تجمع القوى الوطنية من أجل فلسطين ولبنان والمقاومة العربية
أول مطلب للجماهير… قفل سفارة وطرد سفير
لا أقل من طرد السفير وقطع العلاقات مع العدو الصهيوني
دعوة للجماهير المصرية والنشطاء المصريين
دعوة للقوى السياسية والوطنية المصرية
لنحتشد جميعا أمام مقر وزارة الخارجية المصرية
مطالبين بطرد السفير الصهيوني

The Laws of Success

Has anyone seen my time? Somebody stole my day.

“What did you do all morning?”
I used to ask that question during college and school, now I understood better. I came to realize success stems not so much from being busy as from being committed, disciplined and adaptable. Its primary ingredient is a combination of rich family love and strong religious values.

To be committed is to approach life with a passionate intensity and enthusiasm. To succeed, we need to focus on what motivates us. Maybe we have to look at:

-- Develop our strengths. We can all excel at something. What is it? I don’t know, but it’s somewhere.
-- Select work we love. I think we can work harder if we’re having fun at what we’re doing.
-- Set fewer goals, make sacrifices and hang on.
As we can’t be perfect in everything, we have to focus on what you enjoy and value. That will motivate you to stay committed to your goals.

Success builds slowly and demands self discipline. The discipline to keep going, we all the same focus on work, work and work. People I’ve got some words for you : Jobs come and go, but friends and family are for a lifetime.

We have to lean into the wind from time to another, loosen our hold and go with the flow, as going through life is like crossing a windy bridge, we need to be adaptable and willing to change, to adjust our course and take a different route.
It’s all about choices. In a rapidly changing world, we need to choose to grow and adapt.

Here are some positive choices you could make:
a -- Search for people who like you, with same interests.
b -- Don’t withdraw as long as you still alive.
c -- It’s not a shame to admit your mistakes, saying sorry isn’t that hard
d -- Brain vacations is necessary, look up at the sky. Say something nice to a friend or just laugh.

These, then, are what I call the laws of success: commitment, discipline and adaptability. Of course having a strong faith and family is another law for success.
Do what ever it takes to succeed while having fun and building strong family ties.

Commitment. Part Two.

Commitment to Fellow Human Beings

This kind of commitment maybe named as love, care, friendship, or even social responsibility. In other words, the world of human “important” relations. The problem is, the matter is about give and take. You give, you take, others give, others take. Sometimes you reach the limit that you think you don’t take what you think you deserve. Is this positive or negative? Maybe it depends on the situation itself. I really don’t know.
Sometimes you are obliged to give, without expecting any return. This requires a giving personality. You turn yourself to a volunteer to a goal whick you think that it deserves giving. This is good as a whole in charity work specifically. But, what about other places in which you give for mere entertainment. Like a club, a community of CDs rights for not to be damaged, etc etc etc. (I meant trivial activities by the last example). You pay your time, money and nerves to be in the center of attention of the people you want to be surround with. To boost your ego for example, or to lessen your lack of being noticed, or whatever psychological need.

You find yourself in the end out of the center of attention, for many factors, especially the factor of change. You see your goal as being in the center of attention falling apart. You think low of yourself. Then comes the Great Depression (referring to the USSR fall down lol). Then you begin to ask yourself, was it worth it? Is this loss for no return?

Here comes the idea of reviewing and trying to fix the problems we realize. And before it, realizing the problem in the first place, because many times you don’t realize that there is a problem until it is too late, like most of the medical cases in our Beloved Egypt. Always realize, review, and solve. Never stop trying.

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